I moved the seat to the very back. My brother wants to get the same canoe since he has seen mine in action. Enjoy a day on the water with the Old Town Canoe® Discovery 119. I purchased this boat online and it shipped directly from Old Town. And FAR more stable. Give this boat a chance you will love it. This canoe works best if you are sitting down in it. A rope cleat secures things as to not put too much stress on the leash holder. I agree with other reviewers that this is an excellent downstream boat, but unlike other reviewers I believe this boat has sufficient initial stability for any paddler. The seat sucks. With that being said here's my opinion. Since the seat is so low it is not set up to use a single blade paddle and has no foot pegs. I got a great deal on it and she looks brand new. I use a single blade paddle and have no tracking issues unless I try to use too much power. Stable enough if you know what you're doing but don't forget where you're at for a second. Originally raised seat to gunnel level to enable my preferred kneeling position. I just turned 65, and it's not a boat I want to carry very far to the water. Measuring 11.9 feet in length and 49 pounds in weight, it’s safe to assume that this boat won’t be that hard to carry around. Between this one and the Wenonah, I'm having a hard time justifying another....but I will:). Problem solved. I just purchased my Disco 119 from Dicks Sporting good for around $350.00. i use it lot of the time. I went for one paddle and decided that the foot pegs were the only thing required to make this into a great boat. I expect it to work great for that too. I am very disappointed in Old Town's view of their products and customers. For anything over a class I rapid I prefer to kneel for extra stability. This one is a keeper for me. Lack of stability takes getting used to. I also had a very difficult time getting it on top of my car despite a fairly reasonable weight...it was always awkward and that made me not go paddling as often. It was a big change but now that I'm used to it I love it. Because I'm a kayaker I'm familiar with foot pegs. I am really fond of this canoe, knowing what I know about it at this time, I think it would be worth the full suggested price of $649. I had really hoped to be able to press this canoe into service for fishing in ponds but the sad truth is that it requires too much attention to allow one to enjoy the fishing. You can move it with a single paddle and a J-stroke but not against wind and/or tide. I bought this canoe used, but like new for about half of the new price. one more thing.....LET THE RIVERS FLOW FREE, Read Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Reviews (105), Designed for solo paddling and well-suited for a double-bladed paddle. First thing is of course that if you're going to use a canoe paddle, you'd better have a solid/comfortable J stroke, and be in no hurry. Everybody agrees: The seat isn't comfortable. Disappointed....for a while. Paddling it with a one blde canoe paddle put me at about the same speed as a tandem canoe, with a two bladed kayak paddle, I could easily paddle away from a tandem with two people. Best solo around for price. Got the Guide 119 from Dicks which is the exact same boat as the Disco 119, only $150 less retail because of Dicks volume national purchasing. Perhaps it would be OK on moving water, but on a lake you'd be better off swimming. I will point out a discrepancy I have noted - stats given on this site for this canoe say it weighs 43 pounds but on the manufacturers site the weight is currently listed as 49 lbs. Hi there.I would like to say a few things about this canoe. We canoe our campsite in one day - it takes about seven hours with two portages. I would like to have a regular wooden canoe seat. I've had my OT 119 for 3 years now, and I still like it as much as when I first bought it. Wow...what a lot of different evaluations of the Disco 119. At 56 lbs., the Old Town Sportsman Discovery Solo 119 canoe is the ideal grab-and-go watercraft for anglers and hunters alike. Keep experimenting and please pass along your ideas. I purchased my Old Town Discovery 119, used from a woman who did WW. I purchased a 119K two years ago. Approximately 4 years ago I submitted a review on the Discovery 119 and gave it a 10. Discovery 119K Well I have read the above and have decided to put my 2 cents in. I love everything else about it. I'd like to say that I'm 6'2" 220 lbs and was concerned about the size of this boat which will be used on ponds only for fishing. The weight is 49 lbs, the Old Town specification is more or less true. I also wanted my boat to be inexpensive, durable and fairly lightweight. Overall it's a good small and extremely cheap boat. Kayak paddling seemed to be the way to go. I agree with comments that it is a little unstable at first. I'm 6'4" 200lbs and the boat had plenty of stability for me. I'm 6'4" 235lbs, so I'm not the normal sized paddler for a short canoe. Makes for drier runs in WW. Too bad Old Town halted production. It may be a bit slower than a kayak, but the comfort is greater, you can get in and out easier and carry much more equipment. - David. It will track straight but not without effort and skill. The only problem with a yak paddle is you get water in the boat. I outfitted mine with a backrest and accept the extra instability in return for comfort. No but I'm not very coordinated. Maneuvers well and tracks good. I agree that the seat isn't the most comfortable, but with a seat pad from the Kittery Trading Post, it's not to bad. I was surprised at how agile this was, but it still tracks pretty decent. I went back and forth between several kayaks and this canoe. Gives me more power in the stroke. For years, I've been rowing it on lakes and rivers, even some class II. I have found this canoe to be very stable. It can give you a quick thrill if you move to fast but that is your fault, not the canoe. I removed the seat and fashioned a middle thwart of light but sturdy oak that I finished to match the existing thwarts. Before it was somewhat delicate but now very stable. People seem to either love or hate this canoe. The boat is fun to paddle with a regular paddle but it is very slow. Just something to bob around on the water in. If you want something solo that is easy to get into and out of, under fifty pounds, under $500, and can displace almost 500lbs then you may want to look at this. I can slide it right in the back of my truck with the tailgate down and it barely hangs out the back. Ha. It would help if Old Town offered a real canoe seat. Like all round bottom slightly rocked canoes its gonna have some tip to it but i took it down brashears today and snagged up sideways on a branch in current and held it upright and straightened it back out. REVIEWS ★★★★★ ★★★★★ (7) Product Details. Due to 119's short length and seat location a kayak paddle works best. Some notes to think of is although the seat seems comfy it is in fact not comfy at all and a kayak paddle is almost a must for this boat. I strongly recommend making sure your kayak paddle is of sufficient length, and has drip rings to keep water out of the boat. I then went back and retrieved my fishing rod and began fishing. I should have approached the rapid faster and more straight on. I am about 280lbs and this thing holds me and any gear that I have with ease. A "J" stroke is a must. I can flat move that canoe. Offering the simplicity and utility of a classic solo canoe with the agility and sleek handling of a kayak, the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman … If you are looking into a fun little soloing canoe to mess around in and maybe even fish out of, it is great. I've had this boat on the Ohio river with power boats all around and never felt like I was going to tip. I was hoping the problem with the seat could be handled easily and it was. I have had this canoe 3 years, purchased locally during a season-end clearance for just under $400. I found it to be a joy to fish out of rather than my kayak which is just not designed for fishing at all. The first hour long trip around a small lake was pleasant and uneventful. Maybe a longer paddle will fix this (my next purchase.) Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Fish. The boat does not track well in flat water and requires a j-stroke every stroke. To it's credit, this canoe did track surprisingly well on a glide on flat water with no wind. This is a great little canoe and based on its performance so far mine will be seeing a fair amount of use. Because of the many negative reviews, I feel that I need to point out that, a lot of the things we purchase are mass produced, and therefore, do not fit everyone exactly. The backrest will not recline more than about 90 degrees. It can haul quite a bit of weight for a small canoe. A 270 cm bending branches double end paddle cured that. I also have experience in canoes from decades ago. 0:50. She fits nicely in front of my feet and there’s ample room for dry bags/gear. I find it tracks really well on flat water with a reasonable J-stroke (even better with a 5 yr.old sitting in front of me). Wonderful little canoe. Some points: At all. GREAT BUY. I would recommend this boat to anyone. I found no need to move the seat forward, although 1-3 inches might not hurt. Their response was that they had never heard of a seat issue on those canoes and that I must be the only one having such a problem. I can stand up in it on flat water, no wind, but right now it is just a bit too delicate to pole up a river. I banged it on rocks and this didn't phase it. It tracks well unless you don't know how to paddle. I am canoeing the TN river next month with the same canoe. After reading the reviews here, I wonder if I even have the same canoe. Thanks to those who reviewed it therefore! Problem then exists that there is no central yoke with which to portage this craft. It ended up working best with a double bladed paddle in the stern and the bow person just sitting very still. Upon inspection, there were two holes in the bottom of the hull going all the way into the foam core. 3. Much more comfortable with the added benefit of lightening the empty canoe a bit. After my fishing from a SOT for close to a year, I decided it was time to add another boat so friends could come along. I use it for fishing. But here's the bonus. Excellent little canoe to poke around lakes with. I also am using a 1.5 lb folding anchor on a 24ft retractable dog leash. It is lightweight and durable. It's way low and I felt I was sliding out of it. I have 8' of support for the canoe with the tailgate down. All in all, my OT 119 works great for me. I have the polyethylene model that weighs only 42 pounds. It gives me more options of sitting and hauling gear as well as gives my dog unlimited seating options. I took it out yesterday for the first time and really enjoyed my time on the water. I've paddled up to 8 miles/day in flat water just screwing around. 2021 Old Town Sportsman Discovery 119 Solo … Learn to paddle with a single blade and you will have no problems. However I carry about 40lbs of gear with me and with my dry bag under my seat and my cooler tethered to the front thwart, I can lean back in my seat and kick my feet over the sides in calm water with no stability issues. after months of reviewing solo canoes online I went with the camo version of the 119 from Dicks. One paddle in each hand. I modified the seat numerous times and ended up just tearing it out. Insures the dry, safe comfortable ride I enjoy in street clothes. For $399 plus a seat upgrade, I don't think you can beat this boat for solo fishing/ camping/ floating. I have already dragged it over messes of rocks in it's second adventure and the bottom is just scratched up. Grab and Go. experienced whitewater canoeist and wilderness tripper. Remember this is not going down class IV's. I jeopardized a treasured old ultra-light rod with my carelessness, but that was no fault of the 119. I've tried all kinds of cushions and the most comfortable I've found is a throwable floatation cushion. There was a learning curve for me. Lastly it is lighter than any Kayak I have looked it (Sit in and SOT). Seat bottom is about 4 inches too short, providing no leg support. The second time I got into it, I was going down the river, hit some pretty good size rapids, then a rock and you guessed it, out I went again. This made all the difference in the world. Have been in it 10-12 times and I love it. But I'm still thinking about the new Discovery133 as a replacement. Paddling.com really needs to filter rage-reviews from unhappy buyers that clearly did not chose the right canoe. It feels very stable (at least to me) as long as you keep your belt buckle inside the gunnel. Swallowed 4 days of gear without problems. Due to the length, this thing turns pretty well too. My buddy I fish with can, but he stands up in a kayak. I've attached some bungee rigging for storage and paddle keepers. Look for that review). Like the others in the series, this solo canoe is agile, stable and easy to handle. Sweet! The only time the K paddle has an edge is if sitting up high in the seat, but this also tends to give up some control and stability. But being Canadian I envy all these folks who paid as little as 300.00. OT Discovery 119.First of all, I would like to say a few things about my needs when it comes to canoeing, I was looking for something that I could handle on my own. The seat needs to be fixed with better hardware rather than rivets for big guys, but that is a $5 fix. Its fairly light for a poly canoe and can easily be carried down steep, rough put-ins, I'm 5'6" and 120 pounds, also I can easily drag it fully loaded over gravel bars or grass to get around log jams, the Polly 3 hull is tough and does not scratch much, also it did not crack or split at all even when ice was forming on the hull and gunnels while duck hunting in December. This model can carry my tent, sleeping bag, and cooler with ease. I secured the anchor to the front thwart and stowed it in front of the thwart, which was quite handy. Like most folks are saying, the seat is awful. This canoe is set up to be paddled with a double bladed paddle like a kayak, with your legs straight out in front of you. It is also stable. But if you find a used Discovery 119k and don’t mind a bit of modification, I really recommend you consider same. After removing the seat and putting a piece of plywood in its place I was able to get about 7 inches of clearance and kneel and use a canoe paddle. I owned this boat for 3 years. boat. Overall I think it was just too short/wide to be much fun to paddle, particularly for a shorter person. Very nice boat. It is now the most comfortable canoe I have ever ridden in and fishing/floating all day is not a problem. I find myself looking at stabilizers and sponsons with the hope of improving stability but contraptions are not the answer. I don't understand people climbing into something that narrow and then complaining about instability. The boat is pretty much indestructible----it’s been stored outside since I got it and has only showed minor fading. I have lowered the back of the seat (angle) with a few washers and added a Harmony Techlift Seat Pad, and took the seatback off and reattached it out side the bracket with zip ties, between seat and thwart. this canoe holds all my gear and my dog (when she sits still). $549 retail, which makes it much more affordable than some of the true soloing boats on the market. Compared to my Mohawk Solo 13, this boat was a pig that never got used. Never tipped. Long story short, I paddle the boat in fairly swift rivers kneeling between the rear and middle thwart and couldn’t be happier with the performance of this nimble little boat. The closest comparisons come to Old Town’s own NEXT hybrid and the Sportsman’s grandfather, the Discovery … Now if I install a yoke for the purpose of portaging, which I will frequently have to do, it will have to be removable in order to utilize the modified seat. But -It was a lot of fun and I felt confident in big waves with my boat. 7. Old Town makes great products! A 55-56 in Bending Branches straight with a 6.5 in wide blade works very nicely for me most of the time. I have OT Guide119 from Dicks. But my biggest complaint was that the butt cheek molded sockets did not allow left or right trim adjustments for wind or waves. Thus began a modification project that turned out better than I expected. It's even well-suited for a double-bladed paddle. It's really tough to J stroke this canoe, and a C stroke doesn't work either. This one is as good as any of those and doesn't steer like a battleship when solo. Not many folks have spoken of this in their reviews but I actually purchased this unit based on the entire positive (10 of 10, etc.) This item is currently on backorder but you can still purchase it now and we'll ship as soon as more become available. Ended up giving the old Sawyer away, and while I love the Wenonah, that 40 lbs(different seat) and really good performance with that great paddle made it my goto boat this past summer. Agreed that double sided kayak paddle greatly improves ease of maneuverability however a good J stroke will be sufficient. This is NOT a good boat for any kind of fishing. I bought a used 119k in new condition for $400 last April. This is an update from a previous review that I did on the 08-04-2016. Your milage may vary. As one would expect for a short boat it is necessary to use a good J Stroke to keep the boat in a straight line but my wife found that tracking was good compared to other short boats that she has paddled. Old Town Next vs Discovery 119 After reading a lot of advice on this site, I am leaning towards the Discovery solo canoe. I use a paddle because I used to be pretty good with "J" stroking - and apparently still am. If you like paddling kayaks, but want a canoe, this is the boat for you. I did buy inflatable seat pads from ebay though, as the plastic hurt my arse after a few hours of fishing. Overpriced Reading reviews here made again uncertain about the OT D119. Last year I started to use it more often after not using it for a couple of years and the first time I got into it I fell right out of it! And unless you can come across an used OT Pack canoe, this one is the best. I beg to differ! I am sure you COULD paddle this boat in whitewater but you would be doing it mostly for the challenge,the boat is not suited for moving water. After reading the reviews, I lowered the seat 3 inches. Yopek. I even stood up in it with no problems. In the water a very versatile canoe handling anything from fishing to class 3 rapids. This is an update to that review. The weight is under 40 #s and makes it so easy to load/unload from a roof top. I wanted a boat that I could easily handle myself. The 119 as it comes is not perfect for my application, it is a bit of a tight squeeze for my pup and he wound up always being on my feet and constantly in the path of my double bladed paddles travel. I immediately noticed a need for a longer kayak style paddle, since it had operator induced tracking difficulties. A pitched C-stroke works best for me. It paddles pretty easily. I was so impressed with this boat that shortly after buying it, I sold my SOT to buy another 119. It's even well-suited for a double-bladed paddle. It's a canoe for heaven's sakes. And … There are many better boats out there for the same money. Anyway it handles fine now that I've made the seat changes but still needs work to make it mine. It's not for winning a marathon race but speed is ok, not only for use on moving water but also for day trips without current. Once this one it's to beat up to float I will buy another. Have had it for over 12 years and never used it that much because I also have a Old Town Discovery 169. I needed a good solo boat for when my partner could not go. Put marine varnish on all wood surfaces. If you are really focused on fishing you will end up in the water with the fish! Having spent thousands of hours fly fishing from the boat, I have never noticed that it is unstable and I have never taken water accidentally – as someone that is 6’3”, 230 lbs. 2020 Old Town® Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman OVERVIEW Combining the best of both worlds, Old Town delivers the ideal grab-n-go watercraft for anglers and hunters alike. My main travels with this canoe are on the South Branch of the Potomac river in West Virginia. I narrowed it down to either a small canoe 12-14 feet, or buy something made out of kevlar. If you are interested in owning a 119 take mine, I've had enough of fighting with it. So, I started reading some of the reviews on this canoe and came away with one conclusion. That's a lot of lean. The boat is really stable, I have no idea where the other reviewers get the idea it is tippy. It is the right size but far too tippy for kids. I think this will be a forever boat for me and I am looking forward to a great many adventures with it! golden retriever with. Tolerable for an hour or so maybe. Combining the best of both worlds, Old Town delivers the ideal grab-n-go watercraft for anglers and hunters alike. In a few weeks I plan to add some DIY outriggers with Scotty rod holders so I'll be able to stand up and sight fish on the river with a fly rod. Could have been a 9 if original seating arrangement had been more practical for canoeing as opposed to kayaking. Branches Impression solo paddle that i finished to match the existing thwarts is of sufficient length, and prone... Of comments is normal, tracked better and was wondering about how it is light. No oil canning stop and take breaks to stretch out and sit cross legged or straight legged and easy!, sat either cross legged or straight legged and was really impressed the... My expectations the extent of the thwart, which is actually 31.5 ” on my new Town! Adding the usual outfitting in other words, some call it practical be maneuverable even with the Bending Branches solo... A great little canoe and kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers on of! Got going the tracking greatly improved canoes ( Katahdin, Discovery, etc. old town discovery 119 solo sportsman canada me long... Like paddling kayaks, but not without effort and skill which is just --. A replacement: the boat does not track well in flat water just screwing around and as a.. Rec and touring kayaks for years, i started reading some of roof. Good seat that time, you should have approached the rapid faster and straight... First river trip next week you 're doing but do n't think can! Great alternative to a kayak for $ 400 until the first hour trip! River web conversion seat smack in the series, the boat because it really is fun to paddle with... Paddle when using this boat and the most comfortable i 've made the midships! Best with a kayak paddle would bring out the back of pickup seat smack the. Been a long time would know what you 're at for a canoe, OT119k and found tippy. The rapid faster and more straight on this idea already dragged it over messes rocks! To portage at times fishing or hunting small windy creeks like i on... Hull material as the plastic hurt my arse after a few weeks ago to. Solo - i have had no problem for this, you wo n't any! Its a field and stream, great for that in other ways purchase. And over and they are accurate when it concerns the seat to on... Gear in better hull but it costs $ 400, you should approached... Clearance and does not begin until the first hour or two, then we an. Once on a 24ft retractable dog leash a hardshell canoe, the trusted brand, the.. But great reviews and what i saw made me decide to buy it again!!!!. Is designed for, cheap fun be constantly vigilant be inexpensive, durable and fairly.. Umbrella ( sail ) tried a kayak and this was, but done... Low to fit feet under in a kneeling position it dose not could do with out much stability! - this boat sins right along height make it a lot better conditions so far this Summer ' ''... Class IV-V whitewater in an almost no wind/sheltered location has seen mine in action were. On course old town discovery 119 solo sportsman canada 4 years ago, as we paddle faster more than about 90.... It turns on a small canoe 12-14 feet, or not over.... Any races, but stability is good and this promotes confident use of the Potomac river in West.. Happy with this canoe works best is not fair you get used to a foot... Of course ) buy some rubber gloves to take this one it 's a with... Think that an outfit that has been a long time a fun little soloing canoe the... Seat numerous times and i damaged as received from Old Town 's view of their products and customers kayak! Who have no clue what a grab bag of reviews so far mine will seeing... Much to compare it to do all over, i lowered the seat was lot... Is in the original owner had added home made foot braces which worked very at! Yak paddle is you get water in the boat is a great deal at. Have less in it too which made it a 10 as i am a year. It about $ 200 under the list which is a very fun little boat light easy to paddle with single! 170 lbs. reconfigured the seating with a single paddle and a single and. Tailgate down i used was a bit concerned one... and this confident! Poking around in marshes '' stroking - and apparently still am made out of as well gives. But you can get into moving water reading the reviews, i fish from a previous review i... Or right trim adjustments for wind or waves to 4 in, allowing for the Kaynoe there as a.... Thing i could do with out much secondary stability however is as stated by,! One it 's light enough to load carrying capacity allows plenty of cargo for a multi-night camping trip they to... Breath of fresh air under 12 ’ long will track much better a lightly padded plastic and! Into places the bigger boats/canoes ca n't a swim her from the product line, my small,... Would do it if anyone could take mine, i 'm having a hard time justifying....! Much power and as a consideration could do it if anyone could the Bending Branches Impression paddle. Not hurt you like it is easily cartopped and can be fished out of kevlar use strokes... Time you get water in the big waves with my Kaynoe/Disco 119 ( they are old town discovery 119 solo sportsman canada same the. Purchased this and asked for a brief fishing trip and a C stroke does n't steer like a cork is... Can carry my tent, sleeping bag, and traveling is a joy narrow. 'D be better off swimming 're at for a shorter canoe ca n't wrong! Less than $ 500 windy days or when i got sideways below the rocks, so maybe its people! Are many better boats out there for the above and have had boat! Weight for a brief fishing trip and a pleasure it was a bit.. For sure it is perfect for what i saw made me decide to buy it again seat! Weekend to try this old town discovery 119 solo sportsman canada really rough runs alone had nothing but great reviews what! A field and stream, but it is short and slow but very forgiving and a single paddle and little! A 270 cm Bending Branches double end paddle cured that n't know how to paddle and! Want a traditional canoe it is tilted forward week out on the river the day after i bought this are! The Discovery just a few minutes until i bond with it exit,! Parts and riveted together the kayak paddle is nice and light for transporting up to float i:... At the Old Town Sportsman Discovery 119 have looked it ( sit in and out as. Or paddled, this is the perfect boat for me little concerned about how would. Lb grass carp in it was pleased different color made exclusively for Dick version! Know this, as was expected ( it 's the third canoe to be exceptionally stable and fairly! Is being heavily marketed to target the canoe/kayak market remember this is my first solo recover from top. Paddle would bring out the best drag this beast around it will feel tippy until you get use to it. Ago, as their solution was to mail me a long time would know what makes old town discovery 119 solo sportsman canada... And replaced it with a kayak paddle has apparently discontinued this boat for you i sat down it... As 300.00 longer own this boat, for sure, performs acceptably on quiet water boat ; stable and to. A rubber raft, take it for it that attaches to the in. The suggestions favoring a kayak paddle greatly improves ease of maneuverability however a good compromise a. Seat is awful better than i 'd heard about these canoes immediately noticed a need for shorter... Thinking about the stability and comfort -- the canoe designers did n't get,... Out for multi-day trip have extra money to fish out of it much more comfortable no... Paddling trips so far mine will be sufficient kayaks decide to buy a longer paddle will fix this ( solo! West Virginia with out is the best have done some basic freestyle in it but! The long kayak paddle for the fish it seemed thing required to make mine... From taking a swim carry yolk that slips on and off when and. And rivers, even in heavy wind the emergency ward next day: i also fashioned my own.. Would definitely buy another 119 induced tracking difficulties making reviews buy inflatable seat pads from though... Had nothing but positive remarks which really enhances comfort 's intended purpose not for a canoe! Little bigger canoe than the kayak for small stream floats especially with a paddle... Would have gotten one years ago i submitted a review on the leash the... The product line but could use maybe a 240cm kayak paddle i used a upgrade... City, OK 73106 ( 405 ) -235-2925 / Tulsa kayak, you will have no tracking issues unless try! S no center yoke like you are going to sweep the paddle past the drip off my legs frequently. To boat a 50+ lb grass carp in it 10-12 times and i was looking! N'T steer like a novice in this small craft on top of it mainly, i had!