Push forward through the train car to the closed door. Don't bother with him, as an explosion behind him will take care of him for you. Follow the corridor, which eventually leads into a huge room with a statue--yup, you're gonna have to work your way over there. After the first wave, hop to the other side of the sign and gear up to take down a few more coming from the opposite direction, including a sniper to the bottom-left. If you're having trouble targeting some of the enemies, follow the walkway into the building ahead and climb down the stairs to the exit, which you can use to shoot through at the remaining enemies. If you miss, don't worry--you can grab more nearby. Instead, climb up some bricks on the right up to some ledges you can grip above--follow them left, then drop to the platform adjacent to the top-right hand. Uh-oh, looks like you've drawn attention to yourself! This time, a wheel with a symbol appears beneath each painting. As you step outside, you'll spot some guards below. Note that there are Spoilers on this list. Now two more remain on the upper walkway--it's too difficult to try and sneak up on them, so take cover behind a log and pick 'em off with your pistol. Unlike most shooters, your enemies … As you proceed up the street, watch out for two enemies on the left, as well as several more ahead. This page of the guide has a walkthrough for the first part of chapter 20 of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves called Cat and Mouse.An enemy tank will chase you throughout the entire level. Phew, you made it! Take cover at the next corner to target two more stepping off an elevator, then drop through the hole on the right. Good--look for a busted section of the balcony you can hop over, putting you at eye level with the hotel's sign. Take cover by the next corner to tackle some more fools heading your way, then continue through that very room. Leap from that to a yellow pole and swing to the the weights being pulled up ahead. Now sneak up on a second just by the fountain ahead. To get there, simply jump across a pair of wooden beams! Climb them to the top-right corner and use the yellow ledge to grab hold of the roof's edge above. Follow it around to a gap in the railing you can leap over. Well, sort of…. After spending almost 20 years in the court of the Mongol Emperor Kublai Kha… Now you're going to have to turn the cylinders to that their pattern matches those displayed in your book (as shown in the picture below)--easy stuff. Now lob-throw a grenade inside the tower (line up the cursor so it actually goes through the window) to destroy it in one fell swoop. From here, you can sidle along either direction to each of the arms. Your goal is to lead him from sac to sac (it doesn't matter in what order, plus they respawn in short order) and then shoot it as he passes by, detonating it for massive damage. Sneak up on the first guard looking over the railing for a stealth kill. Climb back up it, but remain here, as it provides a great vantage point in which to tackle some enemies storming the rooftop ahead. You'll encounter two soldiers just ahead. By GrantHeaslip February 9, 2013 9 Comments Last year, I played Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and to put to lightly, wasn’t impressed.Without the 2007 shock value of its visuals, what was left was a second-rate cover-based shooter with some severe pacing issues and a tendency to leave the player without a clear idea of … Now head straight for the temple ahead to complete the chapter. Now use it to take down the two patrolling baddies below--it takes two rockets a piece. When the camera switches views, and a truck blocks your path, veer left down an alley. All refreshed? Now catch a ride on another cog to a snowy wall. Jump to grab hold of the door frame and climb up to through the hole to the rooftop. But look closer--see that car surrounded by a pile of junk midstream? With the street cleared, shoot the lock off the red door and open it to regroup with Chloe. Use it to destroy the vehicle on your tail for the remainder of the level, before leaping to Elena's truck when it gets close enough. Having cleared the courtyard, open the door on the opposite side by turning the wheel. Along the way though, you'll encounter quite a few enemies. Follow the walkway up to an indent in the ground. 10 years ago ". After the battle, follow your best friend back into the previous room and give him a lift to the ladder. With the room cleared, join your partner behind the cart and push it to the far wall, where you can use it as a stepping stone to reach the ledge above. Inside this room, you'll find four objects along the left wall, each corresponding to one of the paintings in the room. The Last of Us Part 2 could definitely influence Uncharted 5 in some ways. Did you see the chapter's title? Trail her up the street to a ladder you can fling her too, which she'll subsequently lower. To exit the room, climb back up the wall that Chloe is facing. After climbing the stairs, take cover behind a short, red fence and aim for the enemies on a roof ahead. After climbing the ladder, grab one of the many explosive cannisters, then toss it down toward a second car in the river below--shoot it just before it lands (simply by tapping 'fire' after throwing it) to detonate the garbage, causing the car to float downstream forming a second platform (don't worry about screwing up, the cannisters continually respawn). Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is definitely not a game that needs presentations, awaited by a host of fans, dazzled by an excellent first chapter, but above all by the incredible quality of images and videos released during the skilful marketing work carried out by Sony waiting for … Keep an ear out for the whirring of its weapons--any time you hear it start up, look for shelter! When it fires missiles, it's crucial you take a moment to shoot those down first, before turning focus to the gunship. Now turn your attention to the ones on the walkway above. Clamber up the signs, vaulting over the top one to a series of yellow pegs you can climb to a power line. Follow the wall up, to where the guard comes to a stop, just around the corner. If he tosses a grenade, quickly back into the entrance of the car, taking cover by the door until it explodes, before returning to your seat. Once you have, wait for him to pause between reloads, then push forward to the box just below the tower for cover. After the floor falls out, drop down and climb up to the bookshelf in the corner via the blue box. You should be able to take down most of the enemies from this location, though you will want to move up to the fallen pillar on the left to target the remaining enemies on the far left (there's also a gun nearby, if you need ammo). If you run out of ammo, drop through the hole in the ceiling into the house below for more. Though if one does engage you, finish the fight quickly. At any rate, proceed through the swamp up to the first explosive--Nate will automatically arm it when close. Nate will automatically take cover by a nearby low wall--remain here and pick off the enemies up the stairs, focusing on the rocket launcher first. Now clamber inside and work your way to a staircase. What's Lazarevic up to now? If you've stopped close to one to wait for Lazarevic, make sure you're far enough away that he can't use it against you. Head to it on the left and insert your key once more to drop the final blade, revealing an entrance inside the mouth of the statue on the floor. They are heavily-armed and a pain to bring down without explosives. After grabbing hold of the weight, move around it to the left to find there's actually a whole row of them! Once you've thinned their ranks, begin dropping to the lower levels, working your way to the ground floor. Now the next corridor also is home to several enemies--move up, from pillar to pillar, until you're close enough to safely target them. Good. From there, work your way left and upward to a firm ledge in the wall, where you'll be safe. Continue down the staircase, ready for an enemy at the base. What's an Uncharted game without a high-speed chase sequence involving tons of vehicles (never mind the fact this is only the second game in the series). If you can, try and grab either the dropped minigun or a shotgun, both of which can take down one quickly. Well, no matter, you have bigger issues to worry now, such as the myriad of guards gunning for you! Well, this looks familiar, doesn't it? Now the second and third cylinders have a few obstructions on them--just work your way around them, making sure to leap to the next cylinder in a location not obstructed. Wait for things to cool down, then target the remaining enemies. If the enemies get too close for comfort, try retreating around the backside of the staircase. When close, hop to the statue's eye then up to its eyebrow, which is actually a switch. Looks like Drake's on explosive-arming detail. Luckily, they should, for the most part, keep their distance, but keep a close eye on them when they climb up to the upper ridges, as they'll throw several large objects at you from there--run away to avoid them. Now walk toward the camera to find a large hole in the train car. After destroying the chopper, look for a bridge you can lower on the right side of the building and use it to cross over to a nearby building. Climb up the right-most side and tap jump when instructed to hop up to a yellow pole. Interact with the top-left hand here to knock it into its proper position. Once inside the old temple, take cover by the left side of the wall and remain here to stay out of sight while the hunters and soldiers battle it out below. Take cover by the low wall (where the three guards were) and target the beyond, including on a balcony to the right. In Polygon’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves treasure guide, we’ll help you find every collectible in every chapter of the game, which is part of the Uncharted… Shortly thereafter, some more of those creatures will roll in. Toss Chloe up--she'll return the favor by dropping a box you can use to reach the ladder. Follow him up via the box he drops then trail him across a few platforms until you reach a snowy ridge. After some more hits, he'll likely bum-rush you. Oh that crazy Drake. Swing from the rope to a walkway on the right and follow that outside. Well, looks like your "friend" wasn't such a great buddy after all! While hanging on for dear life, fire a few shots into the statue's glowing forehead to reveal another light source. Head inside and pull the switch to release the brake, causing it to careen through the wall, crashing just outside. From here, target the enemies on the remainder of the walkway first (including a grenade launcher and sniper which you can collect if you need additional ammo), as well as on the adjacent rooftop, before turning your attention to those in the field below. Cleared the building across the street? Now follow the bricks just right of the pole around the corner, then leap across a couple more signs to an open window you can climb inside. Quickly take down the first enemy ahead, then immediately seek cover behind in the corner of the destroyed wall. Now you'll want to work your way up to the tower's roof by climbing the ladders floor to floor--move quick or take cover to evade the sniper's line-of-sight. Now follow him across a few more platforms quickly (before they drop), into the temple ahead. Now when the game instructs you about the "lob," aim for two more just to the right. Interact with it to knock it into position. Pull yourself up and follow the roof to a utility box you can climb onto for a wonderful view of the city. Now remain here to pick off the remaining baddies. Now use a series of wooden poles sticking from the wall to cross to the other side. Quickly seek cover--any cover that puts something between you and the chopper--for protection from its fire. Now as you heard toward the next one, a cutscene shows numerous enemies heading your way. Stay hidden behind the wall and target the first guard, on the left. Climb up the destroyed section on the left, forming a ramp into the destroyed building. Continue past the platform with the parked jeeps to a locked door--shoot the lock to head inside. Now climb up the left ledge and continue through a sky bridge--as you near the next building, two enemies will drop in from the right. Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? After riding the vertical cog, you'll spot a large spinning wheel-type thing blocking the path. Drake can pick up weapons, automatically replacing the existing weapon he was using, and additional ammunition from slain enemies. There's a short lull here, so use this time to grab the dropped ammo from the fallen enemies before returning to your place of cover. With the guard down, approach the tower ahead to and descend the rope your friend sets up. Climb up and continue up the fire escape, and enter the building. Email news@gamespot.com, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - (Spoiler) Nathan Drake vs. Lazarevic Gameplay Movie. With the first two guards down, it's best to climb the stairs on the right up to a high walkway. Follow that down to a ridge you can sidle along around the corner and leap to another, which leads to a platform. Inside the museum, grab the treasure listed above before clambering over the green pipe ahead and tossing your partner up to the ladder. Once at the far end, climb the pipe as high as you can, then leap to the nearby ledge by tilting the control stick toward it and tapping jump. As you do, a guard will step nearby--pull him off with a quick tap of the 'Attack' button. Thankfully, your handy diary shows which shape goes with which painting. All in a day's work, right? As you climb to the next roof, you'll hear a sound all too familiar--signals! If you run out of ammo for the launcher, explore the nearby rooftop for more--just try and make each shot count. Fix that and all this extra stuff will just be icing on the cake. Following the flashback, press any button to have Nate regain his composure. Up ahead is a statue that'll require teamwork to push off. After pulling yourself up, continue onward to a broken ladder. Chart your way through Uncharted 2: Among Thieves with our full walkthrough, including hidden treasure locations. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. So the trick with this guy is to shoot him in the noggin until his helmet flies off, making him vulnerable. Gameplay. The hero must cross the village, killing regular enemies he encounters. Use these tactics to defeat the four enemies in the pit before climbing the rope Sully tosses you. Leap off the top of that area to wind up just behind a guard you can easily take down. Leap from the last brick to a platform on the right, adjacent to a door. Now jump up a couple of grip-points above, which leads to a series of wooden beams. It'll blow up before long. Once outside, ride the zip line on the right into a building, jump the gap, then climb the staircase, jumping over the hole halfway. Otherwise, aim for any visible segments of his body (such as his legs, or shooting hand) and follow-up with some finishing shots when he cowers from the blast. After dropping into the temple, head to the opposite corner of the room to find a smaller room. Wait by the closest log for the second enemy to provide an opening, then go for him too! Kill the first enemy inside while hanging from the window, before climbing inside and using the object by the staircase for cover to target the remainders. You may also want to grab a nearby minigun to wipe them all out quickly. Once at the top of the fire escape, leap to the nearby signpost, then from there to an awning. Your first priority should be to take down the distant snipers as well as the machine gunner below--we recommend throwing all of your grenades at him, then finishing him off with gun fire. They'll now boast peripheral vision, meaning if they catch you out of the corner of their eye, they won't instantly start firing. Follow the wall left to a wheel you can ride to a walkway below. There's also an explosive cannister or two outside each of the windows that can be detonated to destroy nearby thugs. Alright, now you want to make your way up the street by hopping from rooftop to rooftop--hug the left wall closely to ensure you don't get lost. Once there, ride along the top of the wheel to another walkway, then leap to the platform ahead and continue through the doorway to find a lever you can pull. Now follow her lead up the wall, to a window. With the bridge destroyed, run toward the camera and hop through the opening into the house. Once clear, hop over to it and continue right, ready to tackle a few more. Now if the enemy manages to gain the upper hand and grab you, the game will enter slow-motion, giving you a short chance to counter by tapping 'Triangle.' Once you have, interact with the globe in the middle of the room. Oh great, this next room is filled to the brim with baddies--time to put those stealth skills to work! As soon as you hit it with one, the helicopter will veer to the side--this is your cue to leave. Quickly seek cover behind a low wall and target the enemies coming your way from the stairs ahead, including one equipped with a shield. Now approach said statue and insert your key into it, causing one of three blades to drop. Although he's built like a tank, it's just a matter of time before he goes down. Lay into one with whatever you've got (though the minigun or shotgun are most effective) and grab the crossbow he drops. We suggest grabbing the crossbow from the base of the stairs then taking cover behind the low wall at the top, and use it to target the three easily visible enemies on the right, one after the other (they won't know what hit them). Make a flying leap toward the yellow handrail on the far train car and follow it down to a ledge that you can pull yourself onto. Or you can just consult this list: With all four objects in the proper place, you'll have to solve the second part of the puzzle. As you approach the crate ahead, an enemy will storm around the corner. Jump the gap to the next building and drop inside through the hole. Take cover behind one of the overturned tables inside and target the enemies beyond. Once you've thinned the herd, move over to the left side and target some more enemies on the ground below. Climb the rope and leap to a nearby platform in the center, then to another in the wall. Now drop down and follow the path across a second log. Try to avoid running too close to them and especially avoid lingering next to one. Sneak up behind the first guard, who's looking at the table, and take him down quietly. Wait…a tank?! Before taking either path, check each corridor and take down three enemies before proceeding--one of whom is shielded (try to sneak up behind him from either side for an easy kill). Follow that to giant turning cog you can catch a ride on to a platform on the other side. Now we suggest climbing onto the roof of the building just ahead (in the same direction the soldier was heading) via the ladder on its side. So here's the deal: the statue has six arms in total, but only the upper-four are movable. Try to clear the other enemies before taking him on--if you have a grenade, we suggest using it on him. Afterward, collect your gun, then exit into the hall. With the room cleared, clamber up the back wall to an opening above and drop through the hole inside. After pulling yourself up, follow the path up and climb up into the building, and follow it to the far room. Andre Segers Start off by climbing the ladder just right of the entrance--at the top, continue onto the walkway to the right, then leap to the walkway below, where you'll find a rocket launcher resting against the left wall. Now clamber inside the open window. Uncharted 2 drops that number to six. Climb up and move up a couple of boxes, then take aim at the one on the left--again, your partner will take out the other. When those flee, feel free to pick off these four enemies. To exit, climb up the boxes in the middle and hop out through the broken skylight to the roof. Continue across it to a walkway. Head left to it and reposition it so the light shines into the base of the green hanging chandelier-thing on the right. Shoot the explosive barrel right next to it to cause the car to float up against the far wall, acting as one of two platforms you'll need to cross it. Once clear, exit out the other side and follow the snowy path to a door you can open, completing the chapter. At the top, cross the final raised blade--it'll fall apart as you try to do so. Anyway, continue up the staircase into a room at the top. With the area clear, it's time to arm the four explosives--all can be found at water-level. From the roof, leap to another ahead and seek cover behind either of the low walls to target some enemies on he rooftop ahead, as well as several more ahead. However, we suggest that you continue to hold onto the street sign here for cover as some enemies are about to storm in below. There Drake will notice that he's seen something like this before--tap "select" to consult his journal, which sure enough, contains some information about what to do…but who needs a journal when you've got us, right? Anyway, follow the railing to ladder on the left that you can climb up to the roof of the first train car. Oh no, the chopper's back! Repeat once more, up to the lowest point of the raised section ahead, and use the low wall for cover as you destroy the final few enemies. Quickly grab his weapon (as you don't currently have one) and follow the dock up to the box an enemy is resting against ahead--take cover and perform another silent takedown. Move up when you can to a wooden barricade on the right to target a pair of remaining enemies on a deck above. He's by himself, so take him out however you see fit. Yeah right--no gap's too big for Drake! For now, quickly leap out the back side of the car--before the helicopter destroys it completely--to the platform ahead. As such, you want to stay as far away as you can, while staying close enough to lure him to the sacs. With the room clear, climb the stairs up to the doorway the hunters came from, and continue up a long series of staircases to where your treasure awaits. Just keep on the move and run away--jumping if you have to--to distance yourself from where they land. With Chloe at your side, toss her up to a ladder in the same room as the circuit breaker, then follow her up after she kicks down the ladder. This chapter takes place in the village attacked by the mercenaries. Also, if he happens to get close enough to grab you, hammer on the attack button until he drops you and then get the hell out of there! Once Elena declares the area cleared, follow her to a door behind you and open it via the cranks. After dropping down the statue's throat, approach a small structure just ahead and interact with it, causing a sweet-looking map to appear, as well as the next chapter. Now use it to take down the enemies in the towers ahead--just make sure to take down the rocket launcher first, in the second tower from the right. Exit out the other side. Note: Play up to Day 10 for free (in-game day). After climbing the stairs, shoot some more blue stuff on the right and continue into the next room. Leap from the top of it to a pole along the wall. After the grenade tutorial, we suggest taking cover on the right side of the doorway (just left of where you started) and using this position to open fire on the inbound enemies.